Rc Drift - DĂ©butant - Choisir sa voiture

Rc Drift - Beginner - Choose your car

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You want to begin the rc drift ? How to buy without making a mistake.

First of all you can watch this video which explains the very simple functioning of this car, click on the following link : https://youtu.be/ugpyfQxB0mU

  1. You want to buy a remote controlled drift car?
  2. You don't know which drift car to choose? You are at the right place.
  3. First of all if you want to know what is the rcdrift, follow this link :


  4. You are looking for information on the lipo rc battery ? click here :

    All about LiPo batteries

- The MaxSpeedTechnology "MST" Ready-to-Run Kit: RMX 2.0

Available here : https://www.driftparadiz.fr/cat/rc-drift/max-speed-technology/mst-rmx-20-rtr-pret-a-rouler/

  • This car is really a radio controlled drift car "Propulsion" or otherwise called "RWD" which will give you real drifting sensations unlike many other models which are certainly cheaper but of poor quality such as the Banzai FTX which are simply toys and especially chassis not adapted to drifting. That's why you will never see this kind of model on our website, because we could offer them to you, but we know that most of the people who buy this kind of model, will only drive it for a very short time and will either give up drifting very quickly (because they get bored with it or break a part every time they drive it), or they want to sell their car very quickly and lose money (about 50%) to buy this model (very often we are called with this speech) and it's a pity to start this so beautiful discipline in this way with this feeling of having been had. Our goal is to have new practitioners and to meet one day on circuit and spend good moments together.
  • It is delivered assembled and adjusted. You will only need a standard size LiPo 2s 7.4v battery available here : Our range of standard batteries
  • And a battery charger. And we advise you the SkyRc S65 charger which has an excellent ratio/quality/rapidity of charge/price, it is available : here, think of adding the cable of load not provided with the charger : Cable XT60 > Dean or Cable XT60 > Dean

With a 4000mah battery you can ride for about 20 minutes

To know everything about batteries : Clickhere

  • For the DIYers and/or those who know that kits are really the best:

What could be more satisfying than building your own rc car?

The RMX 2.0 Classic kit at 109,99€ is the perfect chassis to start with, it is so upgradeable that it can become a sharp competition chassis

or :

The 3Racing sakura D5MR kit is perfect for beginners with a quality and competitive price: 119,99€ the kit

Buy now

For the electronic part :

The Yokomo YD2 assembly kit:

The Yokomo YD2 kit is the best current Rc Drift chassis, either for its design, its behavior or for the quality of its parts. Assembling this chassis is a child's play if you take your time and follow the assembly manual meticulously.

The differences between YD-2E and YD-2S

E and S just means a type of chassis (explained below), the E plus or S plus or EXIIs or SXIII models are just variations with more or less options delivered in the kit.

In both cases the YD-2 is an excellent RWD chassis (which has been making podiums on the biggest national and international competitions since its release). However there are some differences between the E and the S.

On the YD-2E the engine is in a fixed position (relatively low), so its center of gravity is close to the ground, which makes it the ideal chassis for very fast tracks with sharp triggers and transitions. It will be slightly less skilful on smaller and winding tracks that require to roll up the corners at low speed and to stay on the ground.

On the other hand, on the YD-2S, you have the possibility to fix the motor in high position with three different positions. Having the motor placed higher will cause more roll to the chassis, which in very fast and violent transitions will be more complicated to manage but will be an asset on small circuits that wind a lot and where the speed is less high. Also note that the YD-2S (S Plus and SX too) requires the use of short lipo.

- We will try to guide you as best as possible to choose your kit:

Click on the words in fat to access the products

Beginner kit:

The choice will be for the YD2e plastic/graphite version

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For the electronic part :

Intermediate kit:

The choice is between :

For the electronic part :

Expert kit

The choice will be on :

For the electronic part :

Of course these lists are not exhaustive, you can choose other elements to integrate into your kit, and do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

The composition of your kit will depend first of all on your budget, then on your knowledge and then on what you are looking for in terms of performance or aesthetics. That's why it's almost impossible to make an ideal tutorial for everyone. Ask around you (club, association, etc.), or social networks ... But be VERY careful, on the networks many people think they have the science, and often it's the most beginners who advise the new beginners. So of course it's a good idea to get information on social networks, but you really have to sort out what people tell you or advise you.

Here we are, we hope we have succeeded in enlightening you a little more?

And don't forget, the Rc drift is a leisure, and so the main thing is to have fun

Hope to meet you on the tracks